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NSSA’s Adult Service program has a number of different job sites they visit weekly. One of their jobs is at Manor Farm, a local farm managed by Starflower Experiences.

farm college 3

At the farm, the clients do vocational agriculture jobs such as weed, deadhead, rake, paint fences, and do general cleanup.

farm college 5

The farm is about 5 acres and very charming, with a historic house and several outbuildings.

farm collage 4

This week they were working on weeding one of the raised beds that held mint, tomatoes, lavender and sage.

Once this and another raised bed are cleaned out, they can plant whatever they choose in there.farm college 1

When the trash can is full of weeds, the clients take turns dumping the can.

farm collage 2 32c

A job well done, guys!

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