Sibling Day at NSSA!

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Once a year we invite siblings and families to join students at the Martin C. Barell School for a day of fun and activities. This year was a packed house! The big bouncy house and slide in the backyard was a hit, the playground was bustling with kids of all ages, and the classrooms were set up for arts & crafts when a little quiet time was needed. It was also Luau Day, which made for an even more festive atmosphere!

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Brothers A & D slide together.

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Beautiful sisters.

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Proud big brother.

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Luau Twins and Sister.

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Look how sweet J is helping her big brother do his craft.

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Cousins are the new siblings.

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Could these brothers be any cuter?

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Love it when everyone gets into the “spirit” of Spirit Week!


A Walk in the Park for NSSA’s Adult Services Clients

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On a beautiful summer day some of NSSA’s Adult Services clients visited nearby Blydenburgh Park for a day of boating, hiking, and just enjoying nature.

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Safely outfitted in life vests, clients and staff took turns in row boats on the serene headwaters of the Nissequogue River.

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Groups took turns hiking along shaded paths.

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Some clients were just joyful being out in nature!

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Let Summer Begin!

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Today, the first day of NSSA/The Martin C. Barell School’s 6-week summer session, brought real summer temperatures and students and clients back out onto the playground for some fresh air and exercise.

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Who doesn’t love swinging with their eyes closed and pretending they’re flying??

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He shoots…He scores!!!

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Le Tour de Barell

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Court is in session.

We look forward to an active summer ahead!

I Scream, You Scream…

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…our students and staff love ice cream!

So last Friday was a special day because NSSA was a winner in Nassau-Suffolk Chapter of The Autism Society of America’s  “Sweet Rewards” Program, and the prize was…FREE! ICE! CREAM! A Mister Softee truck pulled right up to the school’s front doors for all the students and staff to get their choice of ice cream. There were smiles all around.

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Teachers had submitted an application for this program, listing their students accomplishments and goals reached. Here is just a sampling:

“My student…celebrated his Bar Mitzvah! he was able to stand up in front of the temple and recite all his prayers with a smile!”

“My student…is now able to sit appropriately at the barber shop and get his hair cut!”

“My student—is now able to pay for a purchase independently!”

“My student…can now use his augmentative device to recall where he works!”

“My student…is now volunteering at five volunteer job sites!”

“My student…is now able to independently initiate to use the bathroom!”

Thanks to The Autism Society of America for bringing smiles and fun to NSSA!

They’re B-A-A-A-A-C-K!

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And by the looks of their faces, they’re happy to be back.

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Seems like everyone enjoyed the June vacation, but this week started the new 2014-2015 (can you believe 2014 is half over already???) school season here at NSSA. The 6-week summer session gives us a full house here with consultation students from district, some new staff, and this year’s group of eager interns. So many new faces! Looks like a good summer ahead – we’ll keep you posted!