Student’s Brush with Fame Goes Viral

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Earlier this week, “Lil’ J” came to school beaming and anxious to tell a story about his experience with Pawn Star‘s Rick Harrison. Lil’ J is a big fan of the show and…well, here is the story in his own words.

“I wrote to Rick Harrison a few days before Christmas break. I was trying to sell my GameBoy. I always wanted to sell something to the Pawn Stars but I lived too far away to do it in person. Most people write asking for things. I wanted to do business with them. So I sold my GameBoy.

john 1

The letter [received back] from Rick says he’s donating it back to me because I’m such a loyal fan. I also received a picture of everyone from the show and it was autographed by Rick, Corey (aka “Big Hoss”), Chumlee, and Richard Harrison (aka The Old Man).

john 2

It made me feel excited and I hung up the picture, letter, and the $30 in a frame on my wall.”

We’re so proud of Lil’ J, a student who receives consultation services through NSSA. And he’s so excited that his story is being seen across the internet – Rick Harrison even did an interview with Fox News about the experience – you can see the video here. 

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