NSSA Ends 2017 with a Flurry of Holiday Activities

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Each December The NSSA Parent Association hosts a holiday party complete with pizza, dessert and live music.

Teachers and direct support professionals enjoy the festive atmosphere while students and clients enjoy lunch and dancing.

holiday party 2017 collage 3

holiday party 2017 collage 1

holiday party 2017 collage 2

Some of the adult clients have been practicing for weeks to put on a Holiday Singalong, led by teacher assistant Shelley.

singalong 2 blogsized

holiday singalong 2017 collage 1

Teachers got in the act, too.

holiday singalong 2017 collage 2

And everyone else came to watch and sing along!

holiday singalong 2017 collage 3

As if that wasn’t enough, on Friday, SANTA surprised the boys in Classroom 1 by showing up with gifts for everyone in the room!

santa 1 blogsized

santa 4 blogsized

santa 5 blogsized

santa 2 blogsized

santa 3 blogsized

santa 6 blogsized

It was quite the way to end 2017…and now classrooms are empty and quiet waiting to be filled again after New Year’s with happy excited voices and activity.

Here’s a little video for you…have a Happy New Year.

Teacher Appreciation Day at NSSA

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The NSSA Parent Association showed their appreciation for teachers this week by generously bringing a catered lunch and other goodies.

TAD 5.14.14 1

Teachers and parents get to socialize over salads and wraps.

TAD 5.14.14 2

TAD 5.14.14 6

TAD 5.14.14 4

TAD 5.14.14 3

Tokens of appreciation.

TAD 5.14.14 5

Thank you, Parent Association, for your generosity!