The Gift of Communication

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autism speaks donates ipads 3.11.14
Christie Godowski and Virginia A. Connell of Autism Speaks Long Island recently came to visit NSSA and generously donated two iPads for our students to use. “The use of the iPad and iPad 2 have made a significant impact on the students of the Martin C. Barell School and NSSA, ” according to Michael J. Cunningham, M.S., Ed., M.S., CCC-SLP, Coordinator of Assistive Technology Services. “Through the use of handheld mobile technology we have provided students with access to greater opportunities for recreation, leisure, instruction, and most importantly, communication.  We are able to provide students with an augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) system in a time efficient manner and conduct long term trials that emulate a variety of speech generating devices.  As iPads are commercially available and many students and families already have a personal system we can provide back-ups to all AAC systems so that it is available in the home, school and community while acquiring comparable speech generating devices.”

The iPad has proven to be an invaluable tool at the Martin C. Barell School as many of our students successfully use the devices for communication and learning.

Thanks, Autism Speaks, for giving our students more opportunities for communication!