Pizza Pies for Autism!

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Giuseppe Del Prete is the proprietor of Stella’s II Pizzeria, located at 273 South Wellwood Ave., Lindenhurst. The father of a son with autism, Mr. Del Prete wanted to contribute to the cause. So in honor of Autism Awareness Month, Mr. Del Prete will donate to NSSA a portion of the sale of each full-priced pizza sold during the entire month of April! During that time, the Stella’s II pizza boxes and staff tee shirts will sport the NSSA logo.

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We thank Mr. Del Prete and the staff of Stella’s II Pizzeria for their support and invite you to enjoy a pie for a good cause!

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A Special Night for Our Special Kids

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As part of its outreach to the greater autism community, NSSA hosts A Special Night for Our Special Kids twice a year at Adventureland in Farmingdale, NY.

Many families with a child with autism find the prospect of attending an amusement park on a typical evening extremely daunting. Long lines and crowds can be especially challenging for these families. During NSSA’s events, Adventureland is closed to the general public and made available to people with autism and their friends and families. On these special evenings, the amusement park is at reduced capacity. The shorter waiting times for rides make it much easier for our friends with autism and more manageable for their families. Since the park is filled with people who understand autism, the atmosphere is very relaxed and caring. We hear over and over again that it is only during the NSSA events that many of these families would even consider going to an amusement park as a family.

Our most recent event was Friday, September 26, and it was a perfect night – warm and clear-skied…and as a result it was the most well-attended Adventureland event we’ve ever had!

But even with so many attendees there was still little to no waiting for rides and games.

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Families and friends enjoyed time together…

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…arcade games…

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and just hanging out.

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(not to mention terrorizing the ticket sellers!!!)

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Stay tuned for the date of our spring 2015 Adventureland event!