A Day in the Life of Classroom 3

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NSSA’s Education Program, The Martin C. Barell School, has four classrooms. Classroom 3 is the second oldest class, with seven students ranging in age from 16 to 17. They spend their days doing classroom work both individually and as a group, doing jobs in the community, and engaging in recreational activities, such as yoga, going in the pool, spending time on the computer, or relaxing in a beanbag chair in a quiet corner of the classroom. That said, every day is a little bit different…so let’s follow the students of Classroom 3 around for one day and see what their actual day is like.

This particular Wednesday started out drippy and steamy as the students arrived at school by bus.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 1 blogsized nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 2 blogsized

They put their belongings away in their lockers then went to their classroom where they worked independently on tasks such as filing, counting, following written instructions, etc.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 3 blogsized

Early in the morning they headed to one of their job sites at Outback. They go well before opening time to clear off tables, wipe them down then re-set them with menu cards and folded napkins. They fly through their tasks but still do a really good job.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 6 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 10 blogsized

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Great job, guys!

classrom 3 7.25.18 blogsized

After finishing their work at Outback, everyone got back in the van to return to school. A few students went right back out to another job site with Classroom 4 and a couple headed to Elija Farm for a meditation class.

When everyone returned a little later, they all met in the gym for yoga with Miss Danielle. The practice involves following instructions, maintaining positions and breathing.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 14 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 13 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 15 blogsized

By this point in their busy day everyone was ready for some savasana!

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 16 blogsized


nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 29 blogsized

After lunch the students had leisure time, during which they can go on the computer or iPad or do puzzles or other favorite classroom pastimes.

Then it’s Smartboard time where students work on taking turns, calendar skills, phonics-based learning and more.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 17 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 18 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 19 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 22

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 21

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 23 blogsized

After their long day the students got to relax until it was time to get on their bus, either having a snack or using a computer or iPad.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 12 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 24 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 25 blogsized

And then it was time to go home after a very full and productive day!

Hope you enjoyed spending the day with Classroom 3!

Let Summer Begin!

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Today, the first day of NSSA/The Martin C. Barell School’s 6-week summer session, brought real summer temperatures and students and clients back out onto the playground for some fresh air and exercise.

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Who doesn’t love swinging with their eyes closed and pretending they’re flying??

3 blogsized

He shoots…He scores!!!

7 blogsized

Le Tour de Barell

4 blogsized

Court is in session.

We look forward to an active summer ahead!

A Day in the Life – Classroom 3

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classroom 3 collage 1

Have you ever wondered what Barell students really do all day? Let’s follow the students of Classroom 3 to see what their day is like….

The students start their day off with some quiet independent work with their teachers – practicing describing the parts of their days using complete sentences, counting using visual prompts, and practicing writing their names.

A little later in the morning the classroom splits up to go to their separate jobs at Applebees and TJ Maxx. The TJ Maxx crew signed in as volunteers and went to work in the storeroom unpacking and sorting new merchandise.

class 3 8 blog resized bw


class 3 10 blog resized

The TJ Maxx team after a job well-done.

class 3 13 blog resized bw

After work all the students met up again at Barell for lunch before heading to the playground for a little fun, exercise, or just some quiet time outside on a beautiful day.

class 3 17 blog resized

class 3 15 blog resized

class 3 16 blog resized

class 3 14 blog resized

Then it was back into the classroom for a group building game of Bingo, a game which develops listening skills and gives students an opportunity to practice matching to sample and sitting appropriately.

class 3 11 blog resized bw

class 3 12 blog resized

Then it was over to the JCC for a little refreshing leisure time in the pool.

class 3 17a blog resized

class 3 17b blog resized

By the time they got back from swim, it was time to pack up to go home. The students have a little down time waiting to be called for their buses.

class 3 18 blog resized

class 3 19 blog resized

And another day at the Martin C. Barell school comes to a close, and students head home…

class 3 21 blog resized

class 3 22 blog resized

A Rainy Day at NSSA

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We’ve had a *lot* of indoor days due to the weather…but we still keep the students active with fitness schedules and games in the gym.

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Many hands make light work

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Dinner Dance invitations are on the way! And when you get yours, please know that this is the team that collated and stuffed the envelopes and sorted them for delivery to each family. Great job, Classroom 3 Team!


Just a little advance FYI, NSSA’s 22nd Annual Dinner For Our Children will be held on April 5 at Carlyle on the Green, Farmingdale. If you need an invitation and didn’t get one, please email DinnerDance@nssa.net and we’ll send one right out to you!