A Fun Family Visit at Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism

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Classrooms 1 & 2 had a surprise visit this week from a Barell parent and brother who came in to read a story to the classes…

…and brought cupcakes to decorate and eat.

Some students enjoyed decorating…

…while others preferred eating!


But everyone participated and had a good time!

Hope you enjoyed being a guest at our little impromptu party!

Family Fun at Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism

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Each fall we invite families, siblings and staff to Family Fun Night – an evening of potluck dinner and crafts.

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We get to spend time with old friends…and the latest additions to the NSSA family!

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Students proudly sign their artwork.

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Staff bring their kids to join in the fun.

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Parents work on projects with their kids.

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The favorite craft by far was making candy Christmas trees.

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So much frosting, so little time….

Thanks for sharing some family fun with us!

It’s the Most Wonderful Day of the Year!!! Halloween at Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism

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Halloween is the best day of the year here at NSSA – darling kids dressed in costumes, families joining them for the party in the gym, adult clients manning activity tables for the younger students…CANDY!!!!

This year was no exception. Join us virtually 🙂

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Wheatley School Students Visit Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism for A Day of Service

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Every year The Wheatley School in the East Williston School District does a “Day of Service” during which the students help someone in the community in some way.  Teacher Natalia McMillan said that some kids make care packages,  some visit the elderly, some do “green” projects, and NSSA was fortunate enough to have some students come to the Barell school to help and learn about children with autism.

The group of girls that joined us yesterday were enthusiastic and friendly and jumped right into activities with Barell students. They got a tour of the school then worked on classroom projects…

IMG_7514 blog sized

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and had lunch with our students.

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Many thanks to The Wheatley School for being a friend to NSSA and new friends to all our kids!

Sibling Day at Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism

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Once a year, on a summer day, NSSA opens its doors to brothers and sisters of students and clients for Sibling Day.

Special activities are planned – craft projects, bouncy houses, and opportunities for students to demonstrate newly-learned skills to their families.

sibling day 6 blog

sibling day 5 blog

sibling day 1 blog

sibling day 7 blog

sibling day 4 blog

But really, it’s just a whole lot of bonding and fun that takes place! Over the years, it has sort of become “Family” day, and parents have come to stay for the festivities, which makes it all the nicer.

sibling day 13 blog

And I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda thinking the dads are having more fun than the kids!!!

I Scream, You Scream…

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…our students and staff love ice cream!

So last Friday was a special day because NSSA was a winner in Nassau-Suffolk Chapter of The Autism Society of America’s  “Sweet Rewards” Program, and the prize was…FREE! ICE! CREAM! A Mister Softee truck pulled right up to the school’s front doors for all the students and staff to get their choice of ice cream. There were smiles all around.

mister softee 8.1.14 3

mister softee 8.1.14 7

mister softee 8.1.14 6

mister softee 8.1.14 9

mister softee 8.1.14 5

mister softee 8.1.14 8

mister softee 8.1.14 1

Teachers had submitted an application for this program, listing their students accomplishments and goals reached. Here is just a sampling:

“My student…celebrated his Bar Mitzvah! he was able to stand up in front of the temple and recite all his prayers with a smile!”

“My student…is now able to sit appropriately at the barber shop and get his hair cut!”

“My student—is now able to pay for a purchase independently!”

“My student…can now use his augmentative device to recall where he works!”

“My student…is now volunteering at five volunteer job sites!”

“My student…is now able to independently initiate to use the bathroom!”

Thanks to The Autism Society of America for bringing smiles and fun to NSSA!

Light it Up Blue for Autism Awareness

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In 2007, the United Nations declared April 2 World Autism Awareness Day, to encourage people and organizations to promote awareness of autism as a growing health issue by “Lighting It Up Blue.” Many well-known landmarks around the world went blue on April 2 in support of the cause.

Another purpose of World Autism Awareness Day is to stress the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have named autism the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States. Just last week, the CDC reported that the number of autism cases is growing. It reported 1 in 68 children are on the autism spectrum, an increase from 1 in 88 children it had previously reported.

Here at NSSA, teachers, staff, students and clients did their part by dressing in blue for the day and for our annual “Light it Up Blue” group photo.

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How did *you* Light it Up Blue for Autism Awareness Day?

Everybody Loves a Party!

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Today, several classrooms celebrated a classmate’s birthday at Wood Kingdom . Students had a blast bouncing, sliding and jumping and everyone did really well handling the unfamiliar, noisy environment!


NSSA Winter Olympics Part II

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Things were really warming up for Classroom 2 back in December when they participated in the Winter Olympics, designed by some of NSSA’s visiting physical and occupational therapists.





It takes a village…


Teaching is dirty work…


Our Olympians are humble and unfazed by their victories! All in a day’s successes at NSSA.