Ready to Run: NSSA Running Club

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Earlier this summer we shared (here) that Randy Horowitz, NSSA’s Associate Executive Director of Program Development, began a school-based running club here at NSSA.  The weekly practices are broken into two groups: The Junior Runners (the younger students in classroms 1 & 2) and Senior Runners from classrooms 3 & 4.

The club meets on Friday mornings and Randy and Barell parent Jennifer Prince spend 30 minutes leading students through warm-up exercises…

running club 7.20.18 1 blogsized

running club 7.13.18 3 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 3 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 2 blogsized

an individual short run…

running club 7.13.18 6 blogsized  running club 7.20.18 4 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 6 blogsized LW blurred

running club 7.20.18 7 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 8 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 9 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 10 blogsized

a couple laps around the playground track with a teacher or running partner….

running club 7.20.18 11 blogsized

running club 7.13.18 2 resized

…and finishing up with a brief cool-down and a round of applause for their efforts.

running club 7.20.18 12 blogsized

The purpose of the running club this summer is to assess student’s skills, motivation and interest in running. Randy anticipates that by summer’s end they will have identified a handful of students who could be interested in running longer distances (perhaps a 5k, Jack’s Run, Blazing Trails for Autism 4 mile run, etc.). These students will be paired with staff and parents who can coach them towards this goal.

Randy shared why participating in organized runs or races could be a benefit for our students: “In addition to decreasing problem behavior and increasing health and fitness, among the most important benefits of exercise for individuals with autism, are the social implications of participating in activities with typically developing age matched peers, and relatives (e.g., siblings and parents).”

If you want to read the story of a family who helped their two sons with autism by running together as a family, read Silent Running: Our Family’s Journey to the Finish Line with Autism by Robyn K. Schneider. Ms. Schneider, the boys’ mother, shows how skill building, effective supports, developing community partnerships and selecting activities based on shared interest, can promote independence and community integration for individuals with autism.

And there’s certainly no denying the joy on these faces!

running club 7.13.18 8 blogsized.jpg

Thanks, Randy, for starting this important exercise club for our students!

NSSA Week in Review: July 16-20

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We started the week with a visit from Ginny Green from Autism Speaks who delivered a plaque regarding a grant they awarded NSSA for Building the Field and Scope of Educators Supporting Children with Autism. Thanks, Autism Speaks!

autism speaks visit 7.16.18 blogsized

The week started out hot so some of the adult clients came over to cool off in our pool…

adults in pool 7.17.18 5 blogsized

adults in pool 7.17.18 collage blogsized

adults in pool 7.17.18 4 blogsized

…and later to indoor air-conditioned glow-in-the-dark mini golf.

adults mini golf blogsized

Students did more tie-dying in preparation for Brew-B-Q.

tie dying

Adult clients were given the job of weeding this raised bed at the Elija Farm. Look at the great job they did! Great teamwork, everyone!

adults weeding 7.17.18

J from NSSA’s Green Team came to pick up the shredding and recyclables from the Martin C. Barell building. You can learn more about The Green Team in an upcoming blog post.

nssa green team 7.19.18 2 blogsized

The Running Club had a second meeting on Friday morning.

running club 7.20.18 11 blogsized

And students enjoyed the weekly summer visit from Mr. Softee after lunch!

classroom 1 3 blogsized

And so ends another week of NSSA’s summer session. Check back next week to see what we’re up to!