A Little Zen in the Summertime – Yoga at Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism

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The weekly yoga class at NSSA is a peaceful way to escape the heat and humidity of a summer day.

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Yoga instructor Miss Danielle says “yoga improves concentration and focus, enhances creativity,  improves confidence, promotes health and wellness, relieves anxiety and improves academic performance.

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Children of all abilities including ADD, ADHD and Autism may benefit by becoming more mentally present for listening and learning and their self-awareness and self-esteem may strengthen.

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Yoga’s benefits include developing physical and mental strength, enhancing the brain, building a positive attitude, calming the mind and increasing self esteem and confidence.”

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Yoga classes at NSSA consist of breathing techniques, yoga postures, partner poses, games and relaxation.

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Through fun and movement students of all ages learn skills to aid in daily life.

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