A Day in the Life – Classroom 3

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Have you ever wondered what Barell students really do all day? Let’s follow the students of Classroom 3 to see what their day is like….

The students start their day off with some quiet independent work with their teachers – practicing describing the parts of their days using complete sentences, counting using visual prompts, and practicing writing their names.

A little later in the morning the classroom splits up to go to their separate jobs at Applebees and TJ Maxx. The TJ Maxx crew signed in as volunteers and went to work in the storeroom unpacking and sorting new merchandise.

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The TJ Maxx team after a job well-done.

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After work all the students met up again at Barell for lunch before heading to the playground for a little fun, exercise, or just some quiet time outside on a beautiful day.

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Then it was back into the classroom for a group building game of Bingo, a game which develops listening skills and gives students an opportunity to practice matching to sample and sitting appropriately.

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Then it was over to the JCC for a little refreshing leisure time in the pool.

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By the time they got back from swim, it was time to pack up to go home. The students have a little down time waiting to be called for their buses.

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And another day at the Martin C. Barell school comes to a close, and students head home…

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