Different Roads to Learning Publishes NSSA Salad Shoppe Curriculum for Young Adults with Autism

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NSSA’s Salad Shoppe has been in existence since 2017. Classroom Four Lead Katie Reres and teacher Becky Chi developed the salad preparation and delivery program to help their students learn functional skills to use as they transition into adulthood and beyond their school-age program. The success of the program is due to the conscientious work of all the teachers involved and, of course, the students’ enthusiastic participation.

The salad shop program has proved so successful that educational publishers Different Roads to Learning published the curriculum in a digital format, which is now available for sale on their website here.

To show our appreciation of their efforts in creating this program, NSSA Executive Director Nicole Weidenbaum presented Katie and Becky with plaques of appreciation for their contributions.


Nicole expressed her pride and appreciation for all of Classroom Four’s efforts: “I am in awe of the NSSA staff every day.  The systematic, dedicated and respectful way they work with our students and program participants is unparalleled.  We strive to reach as many people who are in need of services as possible.  The fact that Katie Reres and Becky Chi took what they do in class and made it replicable is a great source of pride for NSSA.  Thank you Katie, Becky and Different Roads to Learning for helping us to disseminate our curriculum.  I hope it is the first of many more to come!”

We are all very proud of the NSSA Salad Shoppe and especially the students for bringing this program to life by creating delicious, healthy salads and delivering them to happy customers at NSSA every week.

Smithtown High School East Rolls Out the Red Carpet to NSSA

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On January 11th, the Smithtown High School East Leadership Club hosted an evening of dancing, food and fun at their Red Carpet themed winter dance for NSSA adult participants, consultation students and Barell students over the age of 14. This is a unique opportunity for our students to participate in a typical school dance experience. They are able to interact with and learn from the students of Smithtown as well as have fun and create friendships.

Attendees arrived by walking up a red carpet and into a gym filled with high school students dressed up and ready to dance with them.

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It’s so great to see our students and clients having a great time with their peers and the Smithtown High School students.

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The students served their guests a pizza dinner with dessert that was enjoyed by all.

Many thanks to Stacey Agosta for helping to coordinate the event, NSSA teachers and direct support professionals for accompanying their students and adult participants and Smithtown High School East for their graciousness and hospitality in hosting for us once again.

A Sweet Project at NSSA

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NSSA received a lovely donation of 100 undecorated snowman cookies for our students to decorate and enjoy. Anne Doscas is a long-time friend of NSSA, first learning of the school through Barell parent Cindy Wittels. She has been donating beautiful autism-themed cookies to and attending NSSA fundraising events for years.

Someone’s excited about cookie decorating!


All the Martin C. Barell classrooms participated in this project, from icing to decorating with sweet shapes, colored sugar and pretzel sticks.








Even while doing a fun activity, the students were practicing skills such as following directions, working in a group, using fine motor skills, counting, color identification and snack preparation.


And the reward for their efforts?? Cookie eating!!



Thanks, Anne, for giving our kids such a sweet project!