Swim for Autism: NSSA Makes a New Friend

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On Friday he turned 89. On Saturday he swam the length of his condo’s twenty-five yard outdoor pool underwater to raise money for Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism.

His name is Gil Blum and he rallied friends, family, and neighbors to donate money for each yard that he swam underwater. To date, he has raised over $2000 and is optimistic that he will reach his goal of $3000.

He learned of NSSA and The Martin C. Barell School through Barell parent Carin Sanders, who has been his water aerobics instructor for many years. She has shared her love of the school with her water students, calling it “a magnificent warm place where wonderful people treat each individual as if he or she were their own child.”

The swim took place on a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon in July. Friends and family were there to cheer Gil on in his endeavor.

He entered the water and took a moment to consider his task.

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Then, under he went, to the tune of “Go, Gil!” chanting from his audience.

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Holding his breath for the full 25 yards, he made it to our end of the pool successfully. Yay!

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He was rewarded with a loving kiss from his wife Sondra and much congratulations from spectators…and the warmth that comes from doing something so kind and generous.

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Thank you, Gil Blum. Thank you.

Welcome to the Farm

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NSSA’s Adult Service program has a number of different job sites they visit weekly. One of their jobs is at Manor Farm, a local farm managed by Starflower Experiences.

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At the farm, the clients do vocational agriculture jobs such as weed, deadhead, rake, paint fences, and do general cleanup.

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The farm is about 5 acres and very charming, with a historic house and several outbuildings.

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This week they were working on weeding one of the raised beds that held mint, tomatoes, lavender and sage.

Once this and another raised bed are cleaned out, they can plant whatever they choose in there.farm college 1

When the trash can is full of weeds, the clients take turns dumping the can.

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A job well done, guys!

A Little Zen in the Summertime – Yoga at Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism

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The weekly yoga class at NSSA is a peaceful way to escape the heat and humidity of a summer day.

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Yoga instructor Miss Danielle says “yoga improves concentration and focus, enhances creativity,  improves confidence, promotes health and wellness, relieves anxiety and improves academic performance.

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Children of all abilities including ADD, ADHD and Autism may benefit by becoming more mentally present for listening and learning and their self-awareness and self-esteem may strengthen.

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Yoga’s benefits include developing physical and mental strength, enhancing the brain, building a positive attitude, calming the mind and increasing self esteem and confidence.”

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Yoga classes at NSSA consist of breathing techniques, yoga postures, partner poses, games and relaxation.

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Through fun and movement students of all ages learn skills to aid in daily life.

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Let Summer Begin!

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Today, the first day of NSSA/The Martin C. Barell School’s 6-week summer session, brought real summer temperatures and students and clients back out onto the playground for some fresh air and exercise.

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Who doesn’t love swinging with their eyes closed and pretending they’re flying??

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He shoots…He scores!!!

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Le Tour de Barell

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Court is in session.

We look forward to an active summer ahead!