Student’s Brush with Fame Goes Viral

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Earlier this week, “Lil’ J” came to school beaming and anxious to tell a story about his experience with Pawn Star‘s Rick Harrison. Lil’ J is a big fan of the show and…well, here is the story in his own words.

“I wrote to Rick Harrison a few days before Christmas break. I was trying to sell my GameBoy. I always wanted to sell something to the Pawn Stars but I lived too far away to do it in person. Most people write asking for things. I wanted to do business with them. So I sold my GameBoy.

john 1

The letter [received back] from Rick says he’s donating it back to me because I’m such a loyal fan. I also received a picture of everyone from the show and it was autographed by Rick, Corey (aka “Big Hoss”), Chumlee, and Richard Harrison (aka The Old Man).

john 2

It made me feel excited and I hung up the picture, letter, and the $30 in a frame on my wall.”

We’re so proud of Lil’ J, a student who receives consultation services through NSSA. And he’s so excited that his story is being seen across the internet – Rick Harrison even did an interview with Fox News about the experience – you can see the video here. 

Lil’ J would love to read your comments!

A Year in Pictures

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Adult Clients from Room 46 presented their parents with a holiday scrapbook of their past year at NSSA.


Teachers Cara, Jennie, and Gina collected photographs from job sites, classroom activities, and field trips, and put them into large colorful journals, depicting each client’s journey, day-by-day.





What a great gift for families to be able to see what goes on in the daily lives of their children!

NSSA Winter Olympics Part II

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Things were really warming up for Classroom 2 back in December when they participated in the Winter Olympics, designed by some of NSSA’s visiting physical and occupational therapists.





It takes a village…


Teaching is dirty work…


Our Olympians are humble and unfazed by their victories! All in a day’s successes at NSSA.


Happy Holidays from NSSA Families

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It’s so fun to see how some of our Barell families spent the holidays…brodsky collage

cahill collage

dempsey collagelongo collage

macpherson collagemannion collagepieper collageslowik collagewalford collage


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