Smithtown High School East Rolls Out the Red Carpet to NSSA

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On January 11th, the Smithtown High School East Leadership Club hosted an evening of dancing, food and fun at their Red Carpet themed winter dance for NSSA adult participants, consultation students and Barell students over the age of 14. This is a unique opportunity for our students to participate in a typical school dance experience. They are able to interact with and learn from the students of Smithtown as well as have fun and create friendships.

Attendees arrived by walking up a red carpet and into a gym filled with high school students dressed up and ready to dance with them.

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It’s so great to see our students and clients having a great time with their peers and the Smithtown High School students.

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The students served their guests a pizza dinner with dessert that was enjoyed by all.

Many thanks to Stacey Agosta for helping to coordinate the event, NSSA teachers and direct support professionals for accompanying their students and adult participants and Smithtown High School East for their graciousness and hospitality in hosting for us once again.

NSSA’s Beaded Bracelet Business is Booming

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Participants in NSSA’s Adult Services Program have been busy making bracelets to sell to staff, families and at a local holiday fair. They started with Chakra bracelets, but they have branched out to other decorative beads and colors.

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They work as a team, sorting and stringing the beads and packaging them according to size. Barell parent Liza Hein, has generously assisted the endeavor by sourcing and donating materials for the bracelets, as well as sharing her industry expertise.

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On November 25, some of the adult program participants took their handmade bracelets and body scrubs, as well as knitted items donated by a staff member’s parent, to a local Holiday Fair. The Creating Keys Inclusive Holiday Fair was an ideal location for the clients to sell their items to the public.

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Alyssa was an excellent salesperson, engaging with potential customers and upselling bracelet quantities. She was even interviewed by News12 (video below).

These handmade bracelets aren’t just beautiful to wear. They have provided an engaging project that contributes to the learning, growth and skill development of our adult program participants. We can’t wait to see where this project takes them next!

Smithtown High School East Leadership Club Visits Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism

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On November 30, the Smithtown High School East Leadership Club visited The Martin C. Barell School to learn more about NSSA’s school program. For seven years, Smithtown High School East students have been hosting dances for our students and clients at their school, so we have an excellent long-standing relationship with these amazing students.

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When the Smithtown students arrived in the morning they were given a tour of the school by Stacey Agosta, NSSA Senior Behavior Intervention Specialist, then split up into smaller groups to spend time interacting with students in their different classrooms. Our teachers explained what the students were currently working on so the high schoolers were able to participate in the activities. They also brought craft projects to do with the students.

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Afterwards, members of the Leadership Club shared a pizza lunch with the NSSA friends they have made over the years at their school dances.

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We are so grateful to the students of Smithtown High School East for taking an ongoing and active role in the lives of our students and adult program participants at NSSA. We look forward to more wonderful events that these students host each year for their friends at NSSA.

The Best Things in Life are Sweet

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For the past few months NSSA Adult Clients have been experiencing new activities thanks to a grant received from The Jack Fanning Memorial Foundation. NSSA has been offering more opportunities for enriching instruction in areas such as music, yoga, bowling, cooking, painting, horseback riding and more. Activities such as these help broaden the interests and skill development for our clients and help them to lead fulfilling lives.

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On October 22, several groups of adult clients went to Bake Me a Cake Boutique for a step-by-step cake decorating class. They each had their own personal-sized cakes to decorate. They cut and shaped their cakes, rolled out fondant, cut out different shapes, and applied all the pieces to turn their plain cake into a whimsical rainbow fish. Tiny bites of sweet fondant may or may not have been taken throughout the class! At the end, the cakes were placed carefully into bakery boxes to be taken home to their families.

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nassau suffolk services for autism long island martin barell school 10.23.18 6 blogsized

We can’t wait to see where NSSA adults go next!

nassau suffolk services for autism long island martin barell school 10.23.18 14 blogsized

nassau suffolk services for autism long island martin barell school 10.23.18 15 blogsized





NSSA Adult Clients Broaden their Horizons: Handpainting Decorative Signs

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Many individuals with autism do not know how to pursue leisure interests on their own or have extremely limited areas of interest. Due to a generous grant received from The Jack Fanning Memorial Foundation, NSSA is able to offer more opportunities for enriching instruction than ever before, in areas such as music, yoga, bowling, cooking, painting, horseback riding and more. Activities such as these help broaden the interests and skill development for our clients and help them to lead fulfilling lives of dignity and purpose.

In recent weeks, adult clients have been expanding their experience horizons with cake decorating, decorative sign painting, and horseback riding, all of which were a big hit!

On October 24, a group of clients went to LumberJax in Commack to make decorative signs. Family names and design choices were sent in ahead of the paint session and the LumberJax staff had stencils prepared for when the clients arrived. The use of layered stencils made it possible for clients to create unique and beautiful hand-painted signs for their home or family.

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nassau suffolk services for autism martin barell long island school 4 blogsized

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Decorative sign-painting was such a success, other groups from NSSA’s Adult Services have already returned to LumberJax for more creativity. What do you think of their artwork?

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Thanks to the instruction and help from LumberJax. I’m sure we’ll be back!

NSSA’s #GivingTuesday Give $5 Tag 5 Campaign

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From the time students and clients arrive at NSSA in the morning til the time they leave, their days are filled with learning, job sampling in the community, recreation and physical activity.

classroom 2

classroom 1

job sampling 1

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recreation 1

recreation 2

activity 3

activity 2

activity 1

NSSA offers Parent Training workshops to help foster learning with challenges at home. In-home respite, a Saturday recreation program and a week-long summertime day camp are available to provide them with enjoyment, structure and leisure activities.

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NSSA’s reach also extends beyond our walls with outreach in the form of consultation services to Long Island school districts and twice-yearly Adventureland events and training workshops for teaching professionals.

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aba conference 2018 8.16.18 1 blogsizedABA Primer Workshop blogsized

Your support allows NSSA to offer valuable school, adult and outreach programs such as these. Will you join our Give $5 Tag 5 Campaign for #GivingTuesday on November 27 to help NSSA raise money and spread awareness?

Here’s How!

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NSSA’s Green Team Celebrates #AmericaRecyclesDay!

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Launched in 2010 with a grant from Autism Speaks, the NSSA Green Team helps individuals with autism learn new skills and prepare them for the workforce while simultaneously serving the community in a meaningful way by promoting environmental sustainability.

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Every week, the Green Team collects refundable and nonrefundable plastic, aluminum and glass containers, as well as paper from local businesses and residences. Paper is shredded and other materials are cleaned and sorted to prepare for recycling. Nonrefundable containers, cardboard and shredded paper are delivered to local recycling centers. Refundable materials are exchanged at local grocery stores and money is reinvested in the program.

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November 15, 2018 is #AmericaRecyclesDay. In support of the day, The Green Team kicked off a recycling drive with families of NSSA students and clients. To date, the NSSA Green Team has recycled over 1,000 pounds of shredded paper and cardboard, keeping it out of landfills. They have earned over $500 in the past few years by returning bottles and cans for deposit.

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The Green Team partners with several Long Island companies and agencies, such as Geico, Suffolk Y-JCC and Elija Farm, in making recycling pick-ups and drop-offs. They continue to seek community partners that will allow us to place recycling containers at their locations. Containers will be maintained and emptied by Green Team participants on a weekly basis. For more information about partnering with The Green Team, contact Mark Kennedy, Participant Enrichment Program Lead, at (631) 462-0386 or

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For more information about recycling, visit

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We’re so proud of NSSA’s Green Team and the difference they’re making in the world.

NSSA’s 20th Anniversary Wine Tasting & Auction

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NSSA celebrated the 20th anniversary of its wonderful Wine Tasting & Auction event on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at the beautiful Garden City Country Club. Friends, families, volunteers, local residents and staff all joined in for the celebration.

nssa wine tasting 2018 2

There were raffles and other games of chance offering guests many opportunities to win fantastic prizes, such as Frozen on Broadway tickets, a 55” Smart TV and a $1500 Amazon gift card. Many guests went home happy with prize baskets in their arms!

nssa wine tasting 2018 40

nssa wine tasting 2018 30

nssa wine tasting 2018 24

nssa wine tasting 2018 29

nssa wine tasting 2018 8

There was, of course, an amazing selection of delicious wines generously donated by Fidele Miranda and Empire Merchants. Thank you Fidele and Empire for supporting our event for 20 years!

Event founders Mary Beth and Pat Miranda were honored for their longstanding support of not only this event but of all NSSA events. Thank you, Mary Beth and Pat, for all you do for NSSA!

nssa wine tasting 2018 5

In addition to the extravagant wine bar, there was a sumptuous buffet and pass-around appetizers throughout the evening, followed by dessert and coffee.

nssa wine tasting 2018 9

nssa wine tasting 2018 33

The astounding generosity of guests was evident throughout the event. Thank you so much to everyone who attended and donated!

nssa wine tasting 2018 42

nssa wine tasting 2018 32

nssa wine tasting 2018 28

nssa wine tasting 2018 27

nssa wine tasting 2018 16

nssa wine tasting 2018 15

nssa wine tasting 2018 12

nssa wine tasting 2018 7

nssa wine tasting 2018 6

Bracelets hand-made by NSSA’s Adult Clients, for sale at the money booth, were the hit of the evening!

nssa wine tasting 2018 31

Thanks also go to Rob and Laurie Rogers of Tobay Printing for their ongoing support of NSSA and for printing our beautiful event journals.

nssa wine tasting 2018 20

We have so much gratitude for everyone who attended, donated, volunteered and worked so hard to make this year’s Wine Tasting a success. Special thanks go to our generous sponsors: Champagne Event Sponsors: Mary Beth & Pat Miranda; Wine Sponsors: Fidele Miranda and Empire Merchants; Chardonnay Sponsors: Richard & Merry Slone; Merlot Sponsors: The Cahill Family; Pinot Sponsors: Phil & Carolyn D’Avanzo, The Liggio and Haiduk Families, Mark & Lorraine Healey; Grand Raffle Sponsor: Maureen Fanning and Printing Sponsor: Tobay Printing. Thank you all!

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NSSA Flying High with Blue Horizons

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jet blue 2018 3 blogsized

Air travel can be stressful for even the most seasoned travelers, but for those who have autism and experience difficulty waiting, hypersensitivity to crowds and noise, anxiety and communication challenges, it can be even more difficult. As a result, flying is simply not an option for many families in the autism community.

On Sunday, October 28th, Autism Speaks and JetBlue hosted families at JFK’s JetBlue Terminal to participate in their Blue Horizons Event. Families were given an opportunity to navigate the air travel experience in a realistic and controlled environment, surrounded and supported by caring volunteers, Jet Blue employees, members of the TSA and NSSA’s experienced clinical team, as well as other families in the autism community. They checked in, received boarding passes, went through security, waited to be called for boarding and sat through an in-flight safety training. Once everyone was on board, the plane taxied around the runway for 15 minutes giving everyone the feel of an actual flight.

A team of NSSA’s behavior analysts was on-hand to provide support to families, helping to reduce anxiety, stress and behavioral challenges.

jet blue 2018 5 blogsized
Thanks JetBlue and Autism Speaks for including NSSA once again in this important event.

Eat, Drink & Be Scary: Halloween Party at NSSA!

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Crisp autumn air and colorful fall foliage mean one thing – it’s time for NSSA’s Annual Halloween Party for students, clients and staff! The day began with bears, pigs, a dinosaur, The Back Street Boys and more entering the building in full costume.

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Students went trick-or-treating from room to room asking for treats, waiting their turn and showing off their costumes.

halloween 2018 9 blogsized

halloween 2018 20

halloween 2018 23

halloween 2018 32 blogsized,jpg

halloween 2018 39 blogsized

halloween 2018 44 blogsized

halloween 2018 45 blogsized

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But Halloween is not just about costumes and candy. The gym was turned into Halloween Hall for the annual party. Adult clients manned stations where students took turns making pumpkin slime, cheez-doodle jack-o-lanterns, q-tip skeletons and more.

halloween 2018 10 blogsized

halloween 2018 11 blogsized

halloween 2018 12 blogsized

halloween 2018 13 blogsized

halloween 2018 26 blogsized

halloween 2018 27 blogsized

halloween 2018 28 blogsized

halloween 2018 33 blogsized

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halloween 2018 55 blogsized

halloween 2018 56 blogsized

At least one teacher got mummified by her students with toilet paper!

halloween 2018 29 blogsized

The grand finale of the party was the pinata where everyone took a swing or two at the hanging pumpkin. There were a few tentative swipes and then one decisive swing brought the pinata crashing to the floor!

halloween 2018 66 blogszied

halloween 2018 68 blogsized

halloween 2018 69 blogsized

Teachers, Direct Support Professionals and other administrative staff showed off their creativity in the costume contest–and while everyone is a winner–The Banana Splits got the most votes. Congratulations, Classroom 4!

halloween 2018 5 blogsized

halloween 2018 24 blogsized

halloween 2018 19 blogsized

halloween 2018 18 blogsized

halloween 2018 16 blogsized

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goldilocks and three bears blogsized

stick figures (1)

anks to the hard work of Principal Deb Kennedy and all the teachers and staff for creating such a fun day for students and staff!