NSSA Week in Review: August 13-17

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It was Spirit Week here at NSSA! The last week before program breaks we like to have a little fun and dress in a different theme for each day.

Monday was Character Day, where students, clients and staff dress wear a logo tee representing a favorite character.

tp & br character day spirit week 8.13.18 blogsized

tp & br character day spirit week 8.13.18 2 blogsized

Everyone’s favorite, Tie Dye Day, was Tuesday.

nf al tie dye day spirit week 8.14.18 blogsized

Some recreation time at Adult Services.

sw air hockey 8.13.18

S. using the postage meter to finish the Adventureland flyer mailing. Are you coming? It’s Friday, September 28, from 6:30-9:30pm.

SB postaging adventureland 8.15.18

Through a grant awarded by Autism Speaks, NSSA was able to host a two-day workshop entitled Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorders for School District personnel from Long Island school districts.

aba conference 2018 8.16.18 1 blogsized

R. washing veggies for the Salad Shoppe.

salad shoppe curriculum 8.16.18 blogsized

Adults do a yoga class for some relaxation.

adults yoga 8.15.18 1 blogsized

adults yoga 8.15.18 2 blogsized

adults yoga 8.15.18 3 blogsized

adults yoga 8.15.18 4 blogsized

adults yoga 8.15.18 5 blogsized

adults yoga 8.15.18 6 blogsized

adults yoga 8.15.18 8 blogsized

adults yoga 8.15.18 7 blogsized

adults yoga 8.15.18 9 blogsized

Classroom 1 went to an end-of-year party at a classmate’s house!

mm blogsized

And a last day of summer program field trip to Adventureland for some adult clients.

4 blogsized


We had a great, active summer here at NSSA and now it’s time for a program break. Hope everyone enjoys their time off…and we’ll see you back here in September!



We Are Family

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Every year NSSA holds a special “Sibling Day,” when families and friends are invited to spend a fun day with students, clients and staff. Siblings have a chance to interact with their own brothers and sisters, and to meet up with other siblings and family members like themselves.

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 26 blogsized

It was another scorcher last week for this year’s Sibling Day, but students, clients and families made the best of it by playing on the giant bouncy waterslide, splashing in the pool and lunching in the shade.

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 6 blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 29 blogsized nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 30 blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 7 blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 10 blogsized

The playground was put to good use, as well.

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 5 blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 2 blogsized
The NSSA Parent Association treated students and clients to a delicious lunch from the Eat Me, Drink Me food truck, while staff enjoyed a hero and accompanying sides.

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 8 blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 27 blogsized
Everyone loved the prize wheel and photo area.

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 11 blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 22 blogsized.jpg  nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 25 blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 24 blogsized

Families and friends mingled and enjoyed watching the children (even the adult ones!) having a fun day.

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 18 blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 12 blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 9 blogsized
The ice cream truck rounded out the day with ice cream for all.

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 28 blogsized
We love all the excitement and happy faces on Sibling Day – we hope you do, too!

NSSA Week in Review: Aug 6-10

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Welcome to another week at NSSA. Here’s a little of what’s been going on around here.

The face you make when you see your buddy wearing the same shirt as you!

twinning 1 blogsized

Who doesn’t love bubbles?

bubbles resized

Classroom 2′s littlest yogis.

classroom 2 yoga 8.8.18 2 blogsized

classroom 2 yoga 8.8.18 3 blogsized

classroom 2 yoga 8.8.18 1 blogsized

classroom 2 yoga 8.8.18 5 blogsized


classroom 2 yoga 8.8.18 4 blogsized

NSSA’s annual Sibling Day is always a lot of fun for families, students, clients and staff. Here’s a sneak peek….you’ll see more in a full blog post next week!

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 15 cropped blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 8 blogsized

nssa nassau suffolk services for autism long island school sibling day 8.9.18 26 blogsized

And that brings us to the end of another week at NSSA – join us again next week!

A Day in the Life of Classroom 3

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NSSA’s Education Program, The Martin C. Barell School, has four classrooms. Classroom 3 is the second oldest class, with seven students ranging in age from 16 to 17. They spend their days doing classroom work both individually and as a group, doing jobs in the community, and engaging in recreational activities, such as yoga, going in the pool, spending time on the computer, or relaxing in a beanbag chair in a quiet corner of the classroom. That said, every day is a little bit different…so let’s follow the students of Classroom 3 around for one day and see what their actual day is like.

This particular Wednesday started out drippy and steamy as the students arrived at school by bus.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 1 blogsized nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 2 blogsized

They put their belongings away in their lockers then went to their classroom where they worked independently on tasks such as filing, counting, following written instructions, etc.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 3 blogsized

Early in the morning they headed to one of their job sites at Outback. They go well before opening time to clear off tables, wipe them down then re-set them with menu cards and folded napkins. They fly through their tasks but still do a really good job.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 6 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 10 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 4 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 5 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 7 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 8 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 9 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 26 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 11 blogsized

Great job, guys!

classrom 3 7.25.18 blogsized

After finishing their work at Outback, everyone got back in the van to return to school. A few students went right back out to another job site with Classroom 4 and a couple headed to Elija Farm for a meditation class.

When everyone returned a little later, they all met in the gym for yoga with Miss Danielle. The practice involves following instructions, maintaining positions and breathing.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 14 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 13 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 15 blogsized

By this point in their busy day everyone was ready for some savasana!

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 16 blogsized


nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 29 blogsized

After lunch the students had leisure time, during which they can go on the computer or iPad or do puzzles or other favorite classroom pastimes.

Then it’s Smartboard time where students work on taking turns, calendar skills, phonics-based learning and more.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 17 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 18 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 19 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 22

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 21

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 23 blogsized

After their long day the students got to relax until it was time to get on their bus, either having a snack or using a computer or iPad.

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 12 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 24 blogsized

nssa classroom 3 7.25.18 25 blogsized

And then it was time to go home after a very full and productive day!

Hope you enjoyed spending the day with Classroom 3!

A Toast to NSSA’s 2nd Annual Brew-B-Q!

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Temperatures soared on Saturday, July 28, but guests still had a good time at NSSA’s 2nd Annual Brew-B-Q at the Great South Bay Brewery in Bay Shore, NY.

brewbq shirt

Delicious food was prepared by Fireside Caterers of East Northport and people dined throughout the afternoon on grilled burgers, hot dogs and barbecued chicken, side salads and corn on the cob, with cooling watermelon for dessert.

Families and friends played corn hole, can jam, ladder ball, giant jenga and badminton, while younger kids jumped in the bounce house.

brewbq 7.28.18 49 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 44 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 50 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 29 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 27 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 14 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 8 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 7 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 6 blogsized

The dunk tank was a popular attraction.Thanks to all our “dunkees”!

brewbq 7.28.18 9 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 10 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 11 blogsized

Some tried their hand at winning prizes at soccer darts and the wheel of chance, and many walked away with whimsical inflatable coasters, gift cards, light-up beer stein pins and more. There were two great prizes raffled off: A Coolest Cooler filled with craft beer from local Long Island breweries and a tour for 14 on Riverhead’s Brew Crew Cyle. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets!

brewbq wheel

brewbq raffle prizes

Soar Photo‘s photo booth was a popular spot.







Copy of BHSE7479


Talented local bands The Big Happy and Arnold on Mars performed throughout the afternoon keeping the atmosphere festive.

brewbq 7.28.18 1 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 45 blogsized

Even the kids were transfixed!

brewbq 7.28.18 70 blogsized

And may I just say…NSSA Volunteers Are the Best! They spent the day in sweltering heat, checking people in, selling t-shirts, running games and just in general making sure things went smoothly and guests were fed and having a good time!

brewbq 7.28.18 25 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 18 blogsized

Brewery staff helped guests try the different beers and wine.

brewbq 7.28.18 65 blogsized

And friends and families just hung out together and generally had a good time enjoying the festive atmosphere.

brewbq 7.28.18 12 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 13 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 16 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 22 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 24 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 32 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 33 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 35 blogsized

brewbq 7.28.18 36 blogsized brewbq 7.28.18 58 resized

We can’t thank Jen O’Malley and Tori Ardito enough for all the hard work, long hours, enthusiasm and love they poured into this event. Thank you!

We especially thank Great South Bay Brewery for their amazing space and all their support in the planning of the event, as well as our generous sponsors – thank you, everyone!

Brewbq Sponsors-4 blogsized

Brewbq Sponsors-3 blogsized

Brewbq Sponsors-2 blogsized

Brewbq Sponsors-1 blogsized

Thanks to everyone who attended, volunteered, sponsored, donated and worked this exciting event!

Ready to Run: NSSA Running Club

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Earlier this summer we shared (here) that Randy Horowitz, NSSA’s Associate Executive Director of Program Development, began a school-based running club here at NSSA.  The weekly practices are broken into two groups: The Junior Runners (the younger students in classroms 1 & 2) and Senior Runners from classrooms 3 & 4.

The club meets on Friday mornings and Randy and Barell parent Jennifer Prince spend 30 minutes leading students through warm-up exercises…

running club 7.20.18 1 blogsized

running club 7.13.18 3 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 3 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 2 blogsized

an individual short run…

running club 7.13.18 6 blogsized  running club 7.20.18 4 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 6 blogsized LW blurred

running club 7.20.18 7 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 8 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 9 blogsized

running club 7.20.18 10 blogsized

a couple laps around the playground track with a teacher or running partner….

running club 7.20.18 11 blogsized

running club 7.13.18 2 resized

…and finishing up with a brief cool-down and a round of applause for their efforts.

running club 7.20.18 12 blogsized

The purpose of the running club this summer is to assess student’s skills, motivation and interest in running. Randy anticipates that by summer’s end they will have identified a handful of students who could be interested in running longer distances (perhaps a 5k, Jack’s Run, Blazing Trails for Autism 4 mile run, etc.). These students will be paired with staff and parents who can coach them towards this goal.

Randy shared why participating in organized runs or races could be a benefit for our students: “In addition to decreasing problem behavior and increasing health and fitness, among the most important benefits of exercise for individuals with autism, are the social implications of participating in activities with typically developing age matched peers, and relatives (e.g., siblings and parents).”

If you want to read the story of a family who helped their two sons with autism by running together as a family, read Silent Running: Our Family’s Journey to the Finish Line with Autism by Robyn K. Schneider. Ms. Schneider, the boys’ mother, shows how skill building, effective supports, developing community partnerships and selecting activities based on shared interest, can promote independence and community integration for individuals with autism.

And there’s certainly no denying the joy on these faces!

running club 7.13.18 8 blogsized.jpg

Thanks, Randy, for starting this important exercise club for our students!

NSSA’s Salad Shoppe Success Leads to Expansion

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Last fall we shared the story about Classroom 4′s Salad Shoppe program (read full story here). The program was such a resounding success they decided to expand their product line and delivery days. The teachers were able to replicate the program they created for salads and apply it to a new product with the same outcome and success. Now, in addition to Salad Thursdays, Classroom 4 is offering staff Fruit-Yogurt Parfaits on Fridays.

parfait making 6.15.18 5 blogsized

Each Wednesday staff members get a parfait order form delivered to their desks where they can choose yogurt type, up to 3 mix-in fruits, such as blueberries, honeydew melon, grapes, etc., and whether or not they want granola. When the forms are submitted on Thursday, the Classroom 4 team takes inventory of what is needed to fill the orders and goes shopping for all the ingredients. They keep track of the money and budget so they can make all the necessary purchases.

Friday mornings are spent rinsing, chopping and melon-balling.

parfait making 6.15.18 2 blogsized

parfait making 6.15.18 1 blogsized

parfait making 6.15.18 4 blogsized

parfait making 6.15.18 3 blogsized

yogurt parfait 7 blogsized

yogurt parfait 6 blogsized

Afterwards a production line is set-up on long tables in the classroom and everyone has a specific job to do: layering yogurt in cups, measuring and dropping in berries, filling separate cups with granola and writing customer names on labels. Students are assigned jobs based on their IEP goals and they are also learning to work as part of a team.

yogurt parfait 8 blogsized

IMG_6112 blogsized  yogurt parfait 12 blogsized

yogurt parfait 10 blogsized

yogurt parfait 15 blogsized

yogurt parfait 11 blogsized
As with the salad production, health and safety are of paramount importance. The students use special tools for chopping, everyone handling food and containers wears gloves and students are closely monitored during the entire preparation process.

yogurt parfait 13 blogsized

Everyone’s happy to see the delivery team arrive at their door with their Friday morning fruit parfait.

parfait making 6.15.18 6 blogsized

Classroom Four’s Salad Shoppe and Fruit-Yogurt Parfait delivery is an excellent illustration of the creativity and ingenuity of our teachers, who are tasked not only with teaching academics but also (and perhaps more importantly) teaching vital skills necessary to navigate and progress through everyday life. With careful assessment of each student’s needs and goals, our teachers created a new and exciting endeavor that combines their students’ academic goals with daily living objectives while generalizing and building upon skills that have already been mastered.

Congratulations on your success, Classroom 4!

NSSA Week in Review: July 9-13

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Welcome back! After a 2-week program break, students, clients and staff returned to NSSA this week for the start of the new year.

Students settled back into familiar classroom routines.

IMG_6056 blogsized

IMG_6058 blogsized

IMG_6071 blogsized

IMG_6072 blogsized

Adult clients started a new pilot program this week called “Life Long Learning Series” that will run two days a week over the six-week summer program and then throughout the rest of the year with more students and perhaps an additional day. You’ll be reading more about this in a future post but for now we wanted to share some pictures of clients getting right into the program this week.

adults 2 blogsized

adults 3 blogsized

adults blogsized

A new group of enthusiastic summer interns started.

summer interns 2018 blogsized (2)

Adult clients made new friends at the Elija Farm.

bunny at farm lettis kate resized

The NSSA Cafe began serving morning coffee again to happy customers.

coffee shop resized

Classroom Four’s Salad Shoppe resumed business.

IMG_6069 blogsized

And they picked up again with their new Yogurt-Fruit Parfait product that staff can order for Friday mornings. Learn more about this in an upcoming blog post.

parfait making 6.15.18 5 blogsized

NSSA’s school-based running club started this week. Randy Horowitz, NSSA’s Associate Executive Director of Program Development, and Barell parent Jennifer Prince led the students through some warm-up exercises, an individual run, a couple laps around the playground track with their teachers and a brief cool-down at the end. You’ll be hearing more about the running club soon!

running club 7.13.18 1.resized

running club 7.13.18 2 resized

Jen and Tori from NSSA’s Development Team led adult clients in tie-dying tee shirts for July 28′s Brew-B-Q (are you going?).

tie-dying resized

And the week ended up with a visit from Mr. Softee!

mr softee 3

mr softee 1 resized

It looks like our summer session is off to a great (and busy!) start. Thanks for sharing it with us and we’ll see you again soon!

NSSA Camp 2018

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NSSA provides a week-long summer respite Camp Program each year for individuals with autism between the ages of five and twenty-one. The Camp Program provides much-needed structure and recreation for over 30 individuals with autism spectrum disorders during a week in June or August when education programs are closed on Long Island and families struggle to keep their loved ones with autism actively engaged in purposeful activities. In addition to developing sports and leisure skills, the camp benefits children with autism by giving them opportunities for social and community integration.

6.28.18 1 blogsized

Campers are kept busy with activities such as swimming under the supervision of a certified lifeguard, arts and crafts, movies, smart-board activities, bouncy houses and water slides, drum class, bowling and field trips to play centers. A special treat is a visit from the Mister Softee ice cream truck.

6.27.18 1 blogsized

6.27.18 4 blogsized

6.27.18 5 blogsized

22 blogsized

18 blogsized

17 blogsized

7 blogsized

8 blogsized

9 blogsized

24 blogsized

6.26.18 2 blogsized

6.26.18 8 blogsized

6.26.18 11 blogsized

6.27.18 24 blogsized

6.27.18 21 blogsized

6.27.18 19 blogsized

6.28.18 18 blogsized

6.28.18 19 blogsized

6.28.18 16 blogsized

6.28.18 15 blogsized

6.28.18 14 blogsized

6.28.18 9 blogsized

piano blogsized

6.29.18 1 blogsized

6.26.18 1 blogsized

painting blogsized

6.27.18 14 blogsized

6.27.18 9 blogsized

It’s such fun each year to see a new batch of campers arrive and get in the swing of things here at NSSA but before we know it the week is over. Thanks to Stacey Agosta for running another successful week of camp…and special thanks to the hard-working camp staff who kept campers safe, occupied and happy!

camp staff 6.29.18 blogsized

See ya next year at Camp NSSA!

NSSA Week in Review: June 18-23

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The last week of the school year was jam-packed with activities here at NSSA!

It was Spirit Week, so there were fun themed dress-up days. Like Hawaiian Day…

hawaiian classroom 1 blogsized

week in review 6.22.18 1 blogsized

…and Tie Dye Day.

tie dye day 2 blogsized

Classroom 1 wore their tie dye looks to the Riverhead Aquarium that day.

aquarium 2 blogsized

aquarium 6 blogsized


brett & parrot 6.18

Some adult clients visited Ralph’s Italian Ices to cool off on the hottest day.

adults at ralphs 6.20.18Buddies sharing ear-buds.

sharing earbuds

Adult clients worked on painting projects this week at the Elija Farm. We have some budding artists in Adult Services!

art at the farm grassle collage

art at the farm (2) blogsized

art at the farm (1) blogsized

It was a good year, everybody! We’ll see you all again in summer session!